Embracing the Goddess Within: A Maternity Series


As a photographer, there are moments that touch our hearts and leave us feeling grateful for the opportunity to capture the beauty of life. One such experience was the maternity series I had the privilege of creating with my dear friend, Hannah. We crossed paths a couple of years ago during a transformative yoga teacher training at Indigo Wellness. It was an experience that not only deepened our understanding of yoga but also brought us together as dear friends. From the moment we connected we quickly discovered our shared love for all things hippy, crunchy, artsy and organic. 
From the moment Hannah shared the news of her pregnancy, I knew I wanted to document her journey in a way that celebrated her strength and the incredible transformation her body would undergo.





In this series, I chose to embrace the soft and ethereal quality of natural light. The gentle light that streamed through the bedroom window became the perfect companion to showcase the radiant beauty of Hannah during her pregnancy. Each session was a dance with the changing tones of light, resulting in a unique atmosphere for every photograph.
From the first session to the last, it was awe-inspiring to witness the gradual transformation of Hannah's body. She truly embodied the essence of a goddess, and my goal was to capture that essence in every frame. We experimented with different poses and angles, allowing her to feel comfortable and confident while showcasing her growing belly. The joy and anticipation in her eyes were palpable, and it was an honor to preserve those precious moments.




One of the beautiful aspects of this maternity series was its spontaneity. We didn't set specific dates for the photoshoots, allowing the sessions to unfold naturally as Hannah's pregnancy progressed. This meant that the lighting conditions varied from session to session, adding an organic touch to the series. The ever-changing tones of light became a visual representation of the different stages of her pregnancy, making each photograph a unique and cherished memory.

As I witnessed the evolution of Hannah's body, I couldn't help but be in awe of the miracle of life. Each photograph in the series tells a story of love, strength, and the incredible bond between a mother and her unborn child. These images will serve as a timeless reminder of the beautiful journey Hannah embarked upon, as well as a testament to her unwavering love for her sweet baby girl.



Creating this maternity series was an experience that touched my soul. The beauty and grace that radiated from Hannah throughout her pregnancy was truly a sight to behold. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to capture these precious moments and preserve them for generations to come. May these images serve as a reminder of the incredible power of motherhood and the beauty that lies within every woman.

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