Homeschooling Journey {Grade 1 & Preschool Year 1}

Most of my friends know that I used to be a Waldorf preschool teacher in Portland Oregon. During that time I learned so much about how to be present and hold space for children. That experience lead me to wanting to continue that method of education for my daughter but Waldorf schools are so expensive! Plus I've always had my heart on homeschooling my child (at that time there was only my Isabel) I just didn't know how yet. If you search "Waldorf Homeschooling" online you will be (if you like me) overwhelmed by shear about of information out there. I wanted to just buy all the curriculum and pick and choose what I wanted to use. I found out quickly that it would be way to expensive and way to much work. As I did more research (like two years worth), I also realized that the authors of each curriculum put so much, time, thought and their own experience into the work. In the end I ended up with two different curriculum purchases. (non affiliated links below)

OK - to get to the point of this blog post. I want to document my journey using the Waldorf education to homeschool my children and enrich our lives. Waldorf education is so magical and beautiful. It brings a richness to the view on life and an appreciation for the earth. Using art to connect the child on a spiritual level to each lesson. Whether it's with a beautiful watercolor painting or a chalk drawing its all so wholesome. 

Today is our first day of school. Steiner emphasized on the emotional and mental energy the teacher would bring into the classroom. BECAUSE I was nervous/tired I decided to start one day later than planned. I think that's completely ok for me and what I had to do to bring that light and loving energy to my kids. The me two years ago (before I started Steiner's inner work) I would have either  -  struggled through the first day  -  or  -  not started at all for another week because I would have beaten myself up about not starting when planned. NOW fellow mamas, NOW, I know better. I know that I have to care for myself fully. Mentally, physically and spiritually before I can bring a good lesson to my children. My weekend consisted of two 3 hour photography events, a senior portrait session and meal preparing for 5 families! Yes I said 5! Being a #boss is very tiring/rewarding. Hence starting homeschooling one day later. Today I took the time for myself to meditate, do yoga, write and read through lesson 1 this morning. 


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