Lets Get Real About This

Being a mom of two littles and trying to run a household and a business or two is a handful. Hence this one and only blog post! On June 29, 2016 we received the keys to our home, the same day I went into labor with our second born. We own this amazing historic home in a beautiful little town next to the wine country in Oregon. Since that day my husband and I have dreamed of turning this colorful home into a bed and breakfast ~ Little Homestead B & B ~ One day that dream will be a reality. As will my dream of becoming a yoga instructor/photographer. Till then I will enjoy this time with my children. Watching them grow and capturing the moments with my 50mm. Slowing down and relaxing is something I'm learning to do each day. Reminding myself to breath and truly enjoy each moment is my only goal in 2017. This year its only about family and being present for my children. Enjoying homeschooling my daughter and watching my youngest, my 1 year old son grow too fast. Maybe one day this blog will become my haven like it has for some others that I follow. Till then, I think I'm going to bed.


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