I grew up in the Mojave Desert in Southern California where I had my first film camera. I loved capturing the raw beauty of the desert and how there was so much life around me despite the harsh conditions. After graduating from high school as valedictorian I was determined to become an art historian. But once I was in collage I realized that I also loved biology, micro biology actually. I met the love of my life and he convinced me to move to ALABAMA of all places. There I worked for a large biotech company and assisted with the human genome project. It was such an amazing experience. Once I became pregnant with my daughter my husband gifted me a DLSR canon camera - oh the struggles I had learning how to capture what I wanted with a digital tool. I fell in love with the 50mm prime lens and I've been capturing my family and documenting all our adventures ever since. That being said, I'm passionate about photography. I adore light and shadow, how it plays with your eyes to make life out of something still - or sleeping.